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Are you looking for proven ways to increase retention and improve your bottom line? This webinar, designed for staff, board members and volunteers who lead or manage fundraising efforts, is a great framework for building relationships with your donors and engaging them for years to come. If you are new to the fundraising field, just joining a board, or a seasoned professional needing a refresher, this webinar is right for you! Learning Objectives: 1. Examine the real benefits of retention 2. Discover the value of the two I�s � inform and involve 3. Understand how to build relationships that support the work 4. Outline a new commitment!
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Your personal brand consists of many things: knowledge, experiences, personality, friends, family, accomplishments, failures, attire, verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude, values, faith, and much more. Personal branding is who you are, what's inside, and how that translates to everyday actions, behaviors, and decisions. Your brand value translates directly to the value of the team, organization, and/or business. We will explore the topic during this session.
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Since 1958, OneOC has encouraged people to become personally involved in making our community a good and welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family. We are a full-service, nonprofit resource center with extensive integrated services under �one umbrella.� Our Volunteer, Training, Consulting and Business Services are designed to help Orange County nonprofits advance their business efficiency, mission effectiveness, and strategy execution. OneOC�s services uses a collaborative approach to help �accelerate nonprofit success� through an affiliated pool of expert staff, trainers, and consultants who specialize in volunteer management, board excellence, finance and human resources, leadership advancement, program development and fundraising and marketing.