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Turbo-charge your productivity and gain an hour a day. Learn tips and techniques that will save you time, boost your energy and reduce stress. In this 24/7 world of instant information, you have to make every moment count. If you ever wished you could have more hours in the day, make time for this 1 hour webinar. Organization and productivity expert Lisa Zaslow will teach you: - The dirty secret that other time management courses don’t tell you - The 7 biggest time wasters you must avoid - How to power-plan your day - Time magic: work less and get more done - The ridiculously simple time management tool you must use
How do you deal with negative thoughts like "I can't do this?" Do you struggle with motivation? How do you overcome anxiety? Do you sometimes feel stuck? Life is not about just working "physically" harder; it's about having the right mindset. Developing that mindset takes awareness, training and practice just like any physical skill. What's going to help you to feel more successful, confident and in control is your ability to know what to do with mental and emotional obstacles when they arise. This talk will teach you: - How to identify what's holding you back - 3 common mental obstacles - How to overcome your mental obstacles
The Art of Negotiation is a 1-hour program that completely deconstructs the process of negotiations, and shows listeners how to think outside the box, eliminate the fear involved in negotiations, and get what they want from anyone. This session is full of funny stories, and is a hit!
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