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Your personal brand consists of many things: knowledge, experiences, personality, friends, family, accomplishments, failures, attire, verbal and non-verbal communication, attitude, values, faith, and much more. Personal branding is who you are, what's inside, and how that translates to everyday actions, behaviors, and decisions. Your brand value translates directly to the value of the team, organization, and/or business. We will explore the topic during this session.
As the state of business continues to shift it is critically important for you to re-examine the value your drive, realign how the way you have always done things, and re-emerge to brilliantly shining. This is a call to accelerate, embrace disruption and harness individual and organizational potential. Discover simple and easy steps to: - Re-examine the value you deliver to your organization. - Create your personal brand to brilliantly establish yourself and your company every day, in every way. - Become a Chief Breakthrough Officer in your company. - Learn the 3 most important questions that ignite creativity and innovation