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Your employee's are working hard at increasing your bottom line and their social connections online at the same time. How do you inspire them to dedicate more of their energy to your company over their mobile devices? You inspire them to use both wisely and GAIN more than just a job well done at work. Beyond financial incentives, challenges and competition - real inspiration comes from within. That is true of every human being. Join this workshop to discover how you can find and trigger that inspiration in all employees and dramatically change your bottom line without taking anything away from anyone starting immediately!
Have you ever been guilty of complaining? Of course! Me too. But what I've found is that great organizations don't tolerate complaining unless it is productive...unless there is a commitment to critically examine our complaints, look for solutions, find the facts, and exhibit the courage to question assumptions and have tough conversations. And as I examined successful organizations, it was amazing to see how the presence of a couple characteristics made it that much easier to engage in the others. This topic invites you to examine where your organization is at and offers opportunities for employees to have productive conversations on how they can contribute to a successful culture.
Leadership is challenging. It is an art, not a science. Leadership involves a dynamic relationship between your workforce, product, and customers. Mistakes as a leader will be compounded because of the scope of your role. Mistakes will happen, but most are avoidable, especially if you know about the common pitfalls. We�ll examine common mistakes involving communication, motivation, connection with your employees and even an overestimation of the importance of your role.
5 Essentials of Effective Leaders There are many titles that place you in a leadership position – supervisor, manager, director, vice president, ceo – but it doesn’t mean that you are a legitimate leader. People may follow you because you are in a position of authority and it is in their best interest to comply, but deep down they may not respect you. Don’t kid yourself - there is a big difference between a group who goes through the motions and those who invest their emotions, effort, and talent because they believe in their leader. Join us as we explore the essential characteristics that make up effective leaders. Participants will... Identify effective leaders in your circle Discover what critical competency only 20% of us possess Investigate what marshmallows can tell us about your personal and professional success Identify two three-word phrases that have transformative power Acknowledge that without __________, you won’t last long as a leader Investigate why there are so many eyeballs on you in your role