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It's getting harder and harder to keep people's attention in the business world. In this engaging and interactive 2 part series you will discover how to: - capture attention with a well told story - open minds with powerful examples and comparisons - deliver your stories effectively STORYTELLING IS UNIVERSAL After surveying hundreds of business communicators-- the number one concern they have is engaging people's interest. Brain studies show that when you tell a story, people's brains light up. Storytelling is one of the few human traits that you find across all culture and through all known history. It was the way human communicated for thousands of years before the printing press. UNLOCK YOUR NATURAL HUMAN ABILITY TO TELL A GREAT STORY We all have storytelling ability hardwired into our DNA and this program will help you recapture that. By the end of these two sessions you should have examples,comparisons, and stories you can use for a specific communication purpose. Benefits of attending: • Discover your storytelling strengths and weaknesses • Learn where to find great stories to tell • Understand mistakes to avoid and best practices • Practice using a quick story writing template If you miss one session you can watch it on replay.