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Volunteer Management can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Putting well-intentioned individuals to work in their communities in meaningful and fulfilling service requires patience, structure, and creativity. A disaster program presents additional challenges in recruitment, retention, and recognition of its volunteers. This training will address these challenges and explore some possible solutions to keeping your disaster volunteers engaged in and enthusiastic about their service. We will discuss ways to creatively recruit, retain, and recognize your volunteers in order to ensure that their experience is rewarding and enlightening despite the potentially unpredictable and possibly chaotic nature of disaster services work.
Learn about Hospitality + Service, an initiative of Hilton Worldwide. Explore a program designed to transform how nonprofits and volunteers extend hospitality to improve client experience.
This webinar is for HandsOn Network Affiliates only. How do I log onto the Affiliate Member Center? What is the Corporate Projects Group? Where can I find upcoming webinars? Learn the answers to these questions and more during the HandsOn Network Affiliate Orientation Webinar. Orientation webinars focus on the HandsOn Network & Points of Light mission, the Member Center, Affiliate gatherings, Affinity groups, core programming, networking with your colleagues and more. Join us to learn more about our network, your membership benefits and the ways that we can support your local efforts. This is perfect for all new Affiliates and new staff members at your organization. Only staff and representatives of current HandsOn Network Affiliates are permitted to attend this webinar. If you're unsure if you fit this description, please email Marjie at (
Get fresh ideas on veterans/military-themed service projects your Club can do this spring! Explore generationOn resources, hear about past Club projects, and connect with other facilitators in our national network. We'd love to welcome your ideas to the discussion!
HandsOn Network
HandsOn Network
Recorded: Apr 15, 2014 at 03:00 pm EST
From written word to multi-media, there are a variety of ways to share the impact of your work with stakeholders. Join the Get Noticed webinar to learn tips and strategies on presenting compelling stories. Patrice and Emily from Boston Cares will showcase their successful use of infographics and it's key role in the Innovation Hub program. We will also be joined by Jessica Boatright, Points of Light's Vice President of Marketing. Jessica will share insights from her work at Habitat for Humanity and how written storytelling (through blogs, website, social media and more) are a cornerstone of the Points of Light international outreach strategy.
This session is for HandsOn Network Affiliates. Join Lori Jean Mantooth, Points of Light's Director of Training Programs for an update on key initiatives and partnership opportunities. The Points of Light Training and Consulting Team equips individuals and organizations to learn, lead, and take action to create positive social change. Each year, they create new tools and resources, deliver e-learning opportunities and train over 3,000 organizations. Lori Jean will share highlights from Service Enterprise Pilot and the recently released Hospitality + Service curriculum. Join the call to connect with resources and best practices to implement in your own local training programs.
Please register here to learn the process for reviewing ServiceWorks grant applications.
Join the Points of Light Corporate Institute for this virtual training that will offer new volunteer managers and community engagement leaders at companies an in-depth, interactive learning opportunity on how to start employee volunteer programs (EVPs). This session is designed for new employee volunteer managers from businesses of all sizes, or those needing a refresh of the basics. Participants will learn about the seven practices of effective employee volunteer programs, gain insight into best practices and common pitfalls when starting an EVP, network with others new to the field, and will get access to a set of case studies, tools and strategies for ongoing guidance and support. We are also delighted to welcome Renee Levin, Community Engagement Manager at Intel Corporation, who will be our featured guest speaker during the second class.
Get tips on grant-writing, fundraising, and budgeting; explore generationOn tools and resources; and hear about how other generationOn Clubs have gotten creative in generating financial support for their service projects.
This session will explore service projects that increase economic opportunity for low-income households through a range of small- to large-scale volunteer opportunities.
In the 21st century we will see America�s greatness hinge on our ability to leverage the collective human capital of the American people. President George H. Bush�s legacy of a �thousand points of light� extending and connecting communities reminds us of the importance of everyday people accepting the responsibilities of citizenship with a clear sense of purpose, duty, and honor. The challenge that confronts our society is how to translate the abstract obligations associated with being a member of a community to concrete action that is focused on meaningful social, political, and economic change. In this course students will consider how individual rights, and associated obligations, can transform general commitments to service into a robust model of community-engaged leadership. We will focus how the methods of democratic engagement and redefine systems, organizations, and institutions that structure issues confronting our society. We will problematize key ideas tied to charity, volunteerism, and service to illuminate a method of democratic engagement, connected to a form of community-engaged leadership, which is focused on creating positive community impact. This course is designed for students that are beginning to seriously consider their role as community-engaged leaders. In this course we examine how the complacency included in most conceptions of public action not only fails to achieve democratic ideals, but also constitutes a larger threat to democratic institutions that rely on meaningful social, political, moral, and economic engagement. We will problematize contemporary conceptions of public action in order to more fully understand the components of engagement. Through readings, discussions, dialogue, deliberation, and service-learning pedagogies, this course will give you the opportunity to learn about theories and applied actions of democratic engagement. This process should constantly force you to question the relationship between the �world as it is� vs. �the world as it should be.� The course will highlight the relationship between attention and activity, as these concepts relate to maintaining a meaningful engagement practice. The goal will be to use the engagement framework included in this course to complete projects that are co-produced and develop the democratic efficacy/capacity of those working to address serious community issues. Students will also be encouraged to consider how the methods of democratic engagement and community-engaged leadership intersect their academic disciplines and future professional careers.
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Veterans, service members and their families face unique challenges and increased risks on all sorts of measures, which include the following areas: education, employment, behavioral health, post deployment family re-integration, and life skills. Civic engagement and community volunteerism can help improve the lives of the military families from the seven Uniformed Services who serve our country with pride, honor, and quiet dedication. Register here to learn from expert Joyce Raezer of The National Military Family Association how to support Service Members, Veterans and their families.
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