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Are you looking for proven ways to increase retention and improve your bottom line? This webinar, designed for staff, board members and volunteers who lead or manage fundraising efforts, is a great framework for building relationships with your donors and engaging them for years to come. If you are new to the fundraising field, just joining a board, or a seasoned professional needing a refresher, this webinar is right for you! Learning Objectives: 1. Examine the real benefits of retention 2. Discover the value of the two I�s � inform and involve 3. Understand how to build relationships that support the work 4. Outline a new commitment!
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Join the generationOn team for a brief 30 minute overview of the campaign, including information about how to get involved and what you'll get for getting engaged.
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GenerationOn > Family Volunteerism
Recorded: Nov 06, 2014 at 04:00 pm EST
Family Volunteer Day is a wonderful opportunity to gather multiple generations to make a real difference in the community. It's energizing to see so much good work accomplished in such a short period of time. But how can we help families make giving back an everyday habit rather than a once-a-year project? Join generationOn and the executive director of Doing Good Together, Jenny Friedman, and discover how to inspire families with the benefits of building giving and serving into their everyday lives. You'll learn why families are eager to find fun, simple ways to raise compassionate, engaged children, and discover how to create unique service activities that can be folded into a family's regular routine.
Register here to join Points of Light's Volunteer Management Training Series (VMTS). As a participant, you will have access to the six core VMTS modules as well as two bonus classes. Additionally, participants will be invited to attend an opening, mid-series and closing cohort meeting, which will provide opportunities to connect with peers and gain a deeper understanding of this advanced curriculum.
Join us as we tackle the challenges of low-cost service project planning and highlight the benefits of budgeting. We will share several new and creative project ideas that won't break the bank!
This session explores a six-step process for cultivating and securing major gifts. We will explore, from the donor�s perspective, what it takes to build strong relationships, how to identify potential major givers, and how to successfully appeal at the right time, for the right project and for the right amount. Learning Outcomes: - Be familiar with the role authentic, personalized donor communications plays in cultivating major gifts - Understand the link between effective donor database usage and major gift success - Learn how to ask and what to say when the donor says no
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Please register here to learn from Jacqueline Innocent, Vice President of Recognition and Cause Programs at Points of Light. Participants will learn best practices for celebrating and recognizing volunteers before, during, and after service. Please note that participants of the Volunteer Management Training Series should email for a complete discount code
Join generationOn and HandsOn Broward for a session on how to support families in effective volunteer service. This webinar will draw upon generationOn's Ready-Set-Go curriculum and HandsOn Broward's frontline experience to deliver practical tools and tips for effective family programming. Plus, be the first to receive generationOn's new toolkit for organizations, which contains lots of great resources, including project guides, media tools, and more.
In the event of a disaster, it is important that community organizations and businesses can continue to operate. This is especially true for those organizations who provide essential services to community members, as many small organizations and businesses do. This session explores the concept of Continuity of Operations Planning in order to be prepared in case of such an event. We will look at elements of the plan and planning process, including community partnerships for mutual aid and support; staff and volunteer safety and accountability; and back filling of positions vacated by disaster response or other activities.
Please register here to hear from the Executive Director, Thomas Klein, of Verified Volunteers. Learning objectives will include best practices for volunteer risk management and the importance of background checks. Please note all Volunteer Management Training Series participants should request a full discount code by emailing
Nearly every large-scale disaster evokes an outpouring of individuals wanting to be involved in response and relief activities. These individuals, although well-intentioned, are rarely trained, experienced, or certified in any official disaster response function, and therefore can often add to the already overtaxed resources available to assist the impacted community. This session will explore the issue of these spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers and provide some thoughts on how to address the issue efficiently and effectively. We will look at ideas for messaging regarding these individuals as well as what motivates them. The session also includes an overview of the Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) and the roles and responsibilities required in managing a successful VRC.
Being deployed for a disaster response operation can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. This training will help individuals prepare for their deployment so that they can stay safe, healthy, and comfortable while working in sometimes stressful and unpredictable circumstances. Topics will include packing for your deployment; Disaster 101 (an overview of how disaster response works); terminology you may hear while deployed; taking care of yourself; and suggestions for having the best experience you can.
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